A downloadable constraint solver for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

Craft is a floating-point constraint solver intended for game applications.  You can think of it as a random number generator that generates sets of random numbers that are guaranteed to satisfy whatever constraints you wish to specify.  For example, you can implement a simple character build point system by making each character attribute a random variable and constraining their sum to be the number of build points.  You can add additional.  It includes a wrapper for use in Unity, which is compatible with both free and pro versions.

Craft is free, open-source software distributed on the MIT license.  Source code can be found at github.com/ianhorswill/Craft.

Install instructions

To use craft, simply add Craft.dll and Randomizer.cs to your Unity project. You can also add the other Unity components for testing purposes if you like.

Having added the dll and Randomizer.cs, you can add a randomizer to a game object by choosing Craft/Randomizer from the Components menu and fill in the Randomizer's Variables and Constraints arrays.


Craft_v0_0.zip 39 kB